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Yoga + Anavi = Yogavi

My yoga journey started in 2009. I had just finished some physical therapy to treat the back pain that had unfortunately been a faithful companion in my life for as long as I could remember. It was time to take matters into my own hands and yoga seemed like a good place to start strengthening my back.

What I didn’t know at that point was that yoga would turn into such a life-changing practice. Only a few months into yoga, I could already sense the depth of what had initially seemed like the perfect form of exercise. It actually became my spiritual practice and a way of living. Asana practice was only the door to a vast world of wonder and self-discovery.

My passion and fascination for the practice took me to complete several teacher trainings. I was firstly interested in diving deeper and deeper into the practice, so as to being able to better understand all aspects of it. At the same time, teacher trainings are the perfect opportunity to immerse into the practice for longer periods of time and thus, have a huge impact not only in the practice, but in the way to look at life.

However, having completed these teacher trainings, I feel more like a student than a teacher. This sacred practice makes me learn about myself and the meaning of life every day. I do my best to stay open for more lessons to come my way, and the reflections I share in this space are a humble offering of what I am discovering along the way.


My trainings

December 2011 – 250h Hatha Yoga (Vasishta Yoga School with Saji P. K)

August 2013 – 200h YogaWorks (with Erika Trice and Nella Skuban)

June 2015-2016 – 100h Yin Yoga (with Biff Mithoefer)

November 2018 – 30h Restorative Yoga (with Lizzie Lasater)

October 2019 - 10 non-contact hours Savasana Intensive (online course with Judith and Lizzie Lasater)

Currently - Experiential Anatomy (online course with Judith and Lizzie Lasater and Mary Richards)