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Homemade rice milk

Actualizado: 29 de abr de 2020

This is another staple in our kitchen: homemade rice milk. It's so easy to make and it'll save you so much money (and trips to the supermarket). You can use this milk for porridge, shakes, milk rice, crepes, pancakes... You name it! And you only need three ingredients. Let's milk this grain!


4 cups filtered water

80g cooked brown rice

a splash of sunflower seed oil

You will also need a blender, a funnel and a nut milk bag to filter (or milk) the rice.


1. Cook some brown rice as usual and let it cool for a while. Measure 80g for a liter of milk

2. Put water, rice and sunflower seed oil in the blender. Blend for 2-3 minutes at high speed.

3. In a bottle, put a funnel and the bag on top. Pass the liquid through. To pass all the milk, gently press with a hand, as if milking the bag. Discard remainings of the bag.

4. Keep refrigerated. Lasts 3-5 days.


As usual, I use my Vitamix to make my milk. But if you don't have one, a regular blender will do too (I know from experience!). In that case, bare in mind that the blending time might be longer. The remainings of the rice should be very small balls at the end of the process.

I bought my nut milk bag online from Nectabar. It's not expensive at all and it makes the process so much easier.

Hope you enjoy making your own veggie milk!

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